Conquering fear: Tips for Bloggers Starting Out

It may not be obvious from these pictures, but there were actually a lot of people on that beach that day, all wrapped up warm in their winter coats. It was freezing and a few people were staring, but I did not actually care.

There is something truly powerful in not giving a damn. It makes one feel so alive and free! Fear is one of the main reasons for our insecurities and anxieties. Remove fear, and you’re pretty much as free as one can be! Look at children: they’re always running around naked without a care in the world. Why? Because they’re not scared of judgment, which makes them free, careless and happy.

Whenever something scares me I ask myself one simple question: what’s the worst that can happen?

Take this photoshoot as an example. What’s the very worst thing that could have happened? Perhaps if someone started pointing at me laughing and telling all their friends to come and watch this stupid girl dancing around on a freezing beach? Or maybe if someone started shouting at me or body shaming me?


Does that sound ridiculous to you? Of course! That’s because it would probably never happen. Our brains are very good and conjuring up worsts case scenarios; but the likelihood of one of our worst case scenarios actually coming to life is quite frankly very unlikely -reality almost never beats our pessimistic brains.

IMG_9940But even if that actually had happened, if people had started laughing at me or calling me fugly, what difference would it have made? I still would have my pictures, right? Think of the upside: now I have some nice pictures and something to talk about for my first blog post! That sounds like a win to me.

You can apply this rationale to any kind of situation: public speaking, job interviews, dating, or anything else that might make you uncomfortable. It is a very liberating feeling. And once you’ve done it, you’ll want to do it again -it’s addictive!

Image-4The first time I did a shoot in public (with an iphone and a tripod!) I felt so embarrassed: I thought everyone was looking at me and judging me and laughing. The second time, I cared a bit less. Until eventually now I actually enjoy the attention -I have fun with it! You can all stare, laugh and think whatever you want. Hopefully, you are actually all really nice people and wouldn’t do that, but if you’re not, the joke’s on you (you generic, not you, you)!
What about you (this time you, you)? Have you ever done something you weren’t very comfortable with and found you actually enjoyed doing it?

All the best!

Victoria x


Wearing: Formby swimsuit by Jackwills (which I’ll probably be wearing a lot this summer as I’m completely obsessed with this pattern!);

Location: Tenby beach, Pembrookshire, South West Wales.