How I dropped a dress size: easy tips for weightloss

So I’ve been going through a bit of a healthy phase lately. I say the word “weightloss” almost guiltily because, to be honest, I feel a bit sorry for us millennials.

So much is expected of us. We must have our careers in check, our relationships on track, enough savings to buy impossibly expensive homes and -to top it all off- perfect bodies, strong friendships, active lifestyles and a love of food (but not gluten).

So when I say I feel guilty for going through a healthy phase, it is because I don’t want to make anyone else who might be struggling with motivation feel like they aren’t doing enough. We are all in this together -I get you.

For example, my personality type is ENTP-T. I am a thinker and a debater. But when it comes to implementing my ideas, particularly when it comes to weightloss,  I struggle -a lot. So I have come up with a few “life stabilisers” to help me along the way.

FYI, I’m not a nutrition/health expert. And I don’t blame you if you’re thinking -DUH!?

1. Protein diet

Weightloss is hard. Especially in this lovely weather, surrounded by temptation. There are so many bbqs, parties and afternoon teas to enjoy. No one likes feeling FOMO.

So my number one tip is to stick to a Mon-Fri protein heavy diet (lean meats, fish, eggs etc), and then have a bit of fun at the weekend. SO boring, I know. Works though.

2. Walking 

Disclaimer -I used to hate walking. But recently I have found that it’s actually the perfect time to catch up with friends/family on the phone. If your commute to work/uni is too long to walk, walk for part of it. I swear to god it works for weightloss.

3. No alcohol 

Now, you might be of the Grace (from Grace and Frankie) school of thought that alcohol has its own rules. This may well be true -as I said, I’m not a health expert. But what I do know is that empirically speaking, cutting out alcohol works a treat for me. I find that it makes me look less bloated and, more importantly, it ensures that I don’t end up in maccie ds at the end of the night.

4. LipoFirm Pro 

My final “life stabiliser” is a treatment called LipoFirm Pro. A few months ago, I was invited to undertake 8 sessions of LipoFirm Pro at Coco Nail Bar in exchange for a review. So I thought -why not? Let’s give this a go. I was given a choice of which area I wanted to target: thighs, glutes, stomach, neck.  I decided to target my stomach (PROBLEM AREA!).

As you can imagine, I was a little sceptical about the treatment at first. If I’m totally honest, I didn’t notice much of a difference after the first couple of sessions. However, after the 3rd or 4th session, I started to notice a real increase in the elasticity and tightness of my skin due to the collagen rejuvenation and contraction caused by the radio-frequency energy. Around the 5th session, I noticed that my stomach felt a lot more toned. Come session 8, I had lost a total of 7cm around my stomach.

Since I started the treatment, I have dropped one dress size. I believe this was thanks to a combination of all of the above “life stabilisers”.

Click here if you would like to find out more about the LipoFirm Pro treatment at Coco Nail Bar.