Balayage: How To Go Naturally Blonde With Live True London

If you’re considering going blonde, or flirting with the idea of a natural looking balayage, look no further than Live True London.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be blonde. What does it actually mean to have a blonde moment? Do blondes have more fun? You know me, these philosophical questions eat me up inside -I needed to find out first hand.

I started with a few highlights about a year ago, then in September I added some balayage. But I knew that for the real thing, I needed to bring in the big guns. Live True London.

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Live True London has salons in Clapham, Brixton and Vauxhall. I visited the Clapham salon and it was probably the most relaxing hair salon experience I’ve ever had. The salons sport incredible interiors, the service is next to none and the staff are super friendly. You cannot ask for much more for a weekend pamper.

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5 tips if you are considering balayage

I’ve been blonde for a little while now, and the comment I’ve received the most is how seamless my balayage looks -it blends in so beautifully with my darker roots.

If you’re considering balayage yourself, hopefully you will find these tips useful:

  1. Make sure your hair is healthy before you consider balayage. Your hair will go under quite a bit of stress with the bleaching and your ends might struggle a bit. To prevent this from happening, I recommend using Olaplex before and after your treatment, which will keep your hair hydrated and protected;
  2. Ask your hairdresser for an icy blonde. A cooler look will look less artificial than yellowy, brassy tones;
  3. Stock up on blue shampoo -this will help maintain the icy blonde tones;
  4. Use heat protectors before styling your hair to protect against breakage and damage.
A photo showing hair before balayage treatment
A photo showing the end result after balayage (wavy)
After – Wavy
A photo showing the end result after balayage (straight)
After – Straight

So -the question you’ve all been asking. Do blondes have more fun? They definitely do.