About me

Hello everyone! If you have made it this far -well done. I appreciate your interest. Sadly, you will not find my deepest, darkest secrets on this page. Fortunately, my life has been pretty rosy (no running in fields of wheat making all the farmers angry).

I am a lifestyle & fashion blogger from London. Another one?! Well, yes. So, to explain why I think there is need for just one more blogger in London (let’s just squeeze me in there!), I decided to take this “about me” tab more seriously than I have until this moment. If you’re already bored, don’t worry -you have made it this far! That is probably further than most people. So you probs win. At life.

I started my journey on Instagram about a year ago, when I bought my first proper camera. I had tried sporadically in the past to create a blog (blogs), but, as with most of the projects I start, I quickly abandoned the cause, each time.

I am a very visual person, so, from the offset, I was like: “yes, Instagram -you’re mine”. I have always had admiration for aesthetic things: history of art, for example, was my favourite subject in school. I also used to consider myself pretty artsy, until my mum kindly pointed out that my portraits had “woolly lines”. Still don’t know to this date what she meant by that, but I’m guessing it wasn’t a compliment.

However, art is in my blood. Some form of art, anyway. As a child, I used to constantly perform for anyone who would be willing to watch/suffer. Then, as a teenager, I became funny. The performances morphed from pretend-ballerina to comedy sketches: I used to observe interesting characters on the school bus and create alter-egos that would then make regular appearances at supper with my family. I think there may even still be footage of this somewhere online for anyone who is curious enough (and speaks Italian). Which is probably zero. So I’m good.

During my University years, I let my artistic vein get atherosclerosis. Perhaps studying law got to my head a bit, which meant that there was no time for ballet or comedy. I did go through a phase where I thought I was really into classical music, though. Until someone asked me who my favourite composer was and I answered “Mozart” because he was the only one I could think of. I do like Mozart, just like the rest of the world.

Now -Instagram. Sorry for the digression, but I felt like talking about myself (it’s the “about me” section, so you can’t say I didn’t warn you!). I think Instagram is my new artistic phase. Well, I guess photography and fashion are, and Instagram is just my medium (though, I would argue that an Instagram feed is definitely a form of art). Anyway -Instagram. It just made sense! Art is beauty: a dance routine, a portrait, a comedy sketch, a photo. They all invoke beauty. And -linking this back to the 5th paragraph cause I don’t know how else to end this- beauty, to me, is beautiful. Hey -I never said I went through a poetic phase!

If you are thinking -so why blogging? Instagram and blogging are not the same thing! Right you are, Harry! They are not. But for me, they are. This blog is like my Instagram’s little sister -it’s here for anyone who wants to find out if I have a personality or not.

So, to conclude: I promised that I would explain why I think the blogging/Instagram world needs me. I don’t think I even answered my own question, so the only thing I can say is this: this is my new artistic phase and I need you to watch/suffer.

Thank you.