Tudor Farmhouse

Wow! It’s been a while guys. What can I say -I am SO sorry and I missed you!

So much has happened since my last post Forest of Dean Magic about my trip with Skirmy and Ollie. The Forest of Dean is a truly magical place. Many people associate it with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. But magic is not the only thing that attracts visitors to the forest. I Still need to tell you all about my visit to Tudor Farmhouse.

Tudor Farmhouse

On our first evening, we were invited to experience a 6 course dining experience at Tudor Farmhouse. Walking down the drive towards the hotel was like stepping into a winter wonderland. Inside, the exposed wooden beams and roaring fireplace were second only to the delicious cocktails which we were served on arrival.


Though we did not stay overnight, the boys and I were really curious to take a tour of the hotel and suites. This independently owned business has the look and feel of a high end boutique hotel. Every room is perfectly decorated and each bathroom has deep, luxurious tubs. Rustic meets modern commodity in a sophisticated and elegant manner.


After our tour, our host showed us to a table in small candle-lit dining room. Each course of the meal was paired with matching wines from all parts of the world. Our sommelier did a great job of explaining the different flavours and textures of the wines. Each flight married beautifully with every single course.

I need you to be a little open-minded now. I’m about to explain why my favourite course was the roasted carrot but I forgot to take a picture of it (face palm moment). So I need you to use your imagination. You will no doubt remember growing up to your parents’ persistent requests that you eat your vegetables. Personally, I’ve never had that -my parents would put me in front of a salad and not really care if I moaned that I didn’t like it. Eventually, I learned to love any kind of food. However, I know this was a common issue in most families, so let’s resume my story.

Vegetables are usually served on the side of “something” -that something usually being some kind of superstar meat. They are never the main event but merely the supporting act. However, the chef at Tudor Farm House did an excellent job of turning that paradigm on its head -he boldly removed any distractions from our plates and forced us to pay attention to the Carrot. The result was unexpected. It was the best carrot I have ever tasted in my life, maybe even the best vegetable. I would highly recommend trying it.

The rest of the meal was just as impressive as it’s surprising beginning. Here are a few mouth-watering shots for your to enjoy. Hopefully, you’ve already eaten! Haha

We enjoyed our evening and surroundings at Tudor Farm House so much that the following morning we decided to return to the hotel to take pictures in the daylight. The staff were so friendly and accommodating. We will definitely be back!




Forest of Dean Magic: Weekend Stay at Speech House Hotel.

Forest of Dean

Forest of Dean Speech House Hotel Forest of Dean

There’s something to be said about being surrounded by history –it’s submersive. Growing up, I always had this burning desire to be somebody else. Which was why books the likes of ‘Narnia’ and ‘His Dark Materials’ appealed to me so much –they allowed me to open portals to different worlds, to be a different version of myself.

Now that I am older and (debatably) wiser, I don’t get to travel to different worlds very often. But for two nights in October, I was able to do just that.

Rooted in the heart of the Forest of Dean, Speech House Hotel is a magical place imbued with history. It was originally built as King Charles II’s hunting lodge in the late 1600’s but then later became a Verderers’ court –a court for the protection of vert and venison. I don’t really know why, but being surrounded by so much history awakens my imagination. And I don’t think I’m the only one. Take fantasy novels, for example –they’re mostly set in ancient lands where technology and stainless steel have not yet had a chance to strip the world bare. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology. But you have to admit, it is the antithesis to magic.


On our first morning at Speech House, sat in the Verderers’ court having breakfast by the snap and pop of the open fire, I realised I had done it: I had opened a portal. Suddenly, I found myself hoping that Dumbledore would make an appearance at breakfast and steal my toast, or that the naked lady in the oil painting above our heads would start sneezing into her bedsheets (or onto the boys’ black puddings!). The opportunities were endless. I carried on nibbling at the corner of my hash brown, taking in the warmth from the fire -London, a faraway universe.

My room at Speech House –which, in my head, I secretly referred to as “my chambers”-, was warm and cosy. It is not every day that one needs a stool to clamber onto their four-poster bed –yet, somehow, I felt instantly at home in this grandiose environment. Walking round in my dressing gown, I felt a true sense of belonging: had I finally made it into Slytherin?

Speech House Hotel Forest of Dean

Speech House Hotel Forest of Dean

The tall windows in my bedroom looked onto thick, ancient woodland. Some say it was the Forest of Dean that inspired JRR Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ –I can see why. There is something very wild about the Forest of Dean –an almost eerie atmosphere. The vegetation is so old and luscious that one can imagine a very great deal happened in that forest. Maybe just a few hunting episodes, or who knows? Maybe something else -if only trees could talk!

On the first day, being the cute blogger family that we are, the boys and I coordinated outfits. After walking for a while in the Forest, we found a cool spot to take some group pictures. Tripod at the ready -and snap! The result? Well, I was hoping for Tatler meets ‘The Hobbit’, but someone recently commented saying that we look like the cast of Riverdale. I’ll take that.

Our evenings at the Hotel were spent mostly in Skirmy’s living room (or, as I liked to refer to it, the common room) playing wizard’s chess -just kidding! I apologise for all the Harry Potter references. This is what historic homes do to me! Or was I being influenced by Ollie’s hair colour? Maybe a combination of the two.

Leaving this enchanted place behind on the last day was difficult, but at least now I know that it is still possible to relive a little magic, even in your mid-twenties –all you need is a beautiful historic hotel and an ancient forest.

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