Transitional Clothing: Topshop Teddy Coat.

In the words of Albus Dumbledore: “a change of decoration is in order!”. Summer is dead. It’s time for transitional clothing.

Hello, autumn. Your days may be short and cold, but at least you allow me to layer, layer, layer. I mean, who doesn’t like to be wrapped up in what is basically the closest thing there is to your duvet? The teddy coat is the fashion staple of the season.

Topshop Teddy Coat

file-1The fashion world is going through an existential paradigm shift -it is moving away from show pieces for faceless models and closer to real clothes for real people. Practicality is taking over the runways -we saw a flavour of it in Victoria Beckham’s show in NY last week. The truth is: autumns in the UK are cold, and so we need to wrap up warm! This topshop teddy coat is warm, cosy and just god damn perfect! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

For this look, I paired my topshop teddy coat with this gorgeous topshop dress in classic transitional style: bare legs for breeze and teddy coat for warmth and comfort. Floral dresses have made a real come back this season and I am totally on board with this trend. Feminine and romantic with a touch of practicality: easier to disguise those relish stains from those winter pub lunches than if wearing only one colour. And if you’re anything like me, that will come in handy. Trust.

topshop teddy coattopshop teddy coat

And of course, let’s not ignore these topshop boots. I mean…hard to ignore, really. You hardly go unobserved walking around London in these bad boys. And with LFW round the corner, I sure know these trusty topshop boots will be my friends. They make me feel like a combo of Carrie Bradshore and Samantha. Explosive, not just transitional.

topshop teddy coat

topshop teddy coatI want to thank my friend Skirmy from Mr. Salt and Pepper blog for taking these incredible photos. We had a little staycation in London together last weekend and, though I may have woken him up at 7:30am on Sunday morning, we had some really fun times going round London on our boris bikes. Yes -I was on a boris bike with my topshop teddy coat, floral dress and red boots. It felt very “An education” like.

V x


Teddy Coat: Topshop

Floral Dress: Topshop

Red Boots: Topshop

Belt: Topshop

Bag: Marc Jacobs

2 Replies to “Transitional Clothing: Topshop Teddy Coat.”

  1. This is my favourite Philorose look to date!

    The Marc Jacobs bags with that teddy coat from Topshop… AND those red heels! I mean, this gives me life and then some. Love love love xxx

    (p.s. cannot wait to shoot with you again)

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